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At Global PPE Medical Supply we know, to make a difference, you work with the people. This is why we work with country experts – people who can help us work in ways so our products have a maximized positive impact on communities.


John Masha, originally from Mwanza, Tanzania, is such a person. Coming from a family with a long history of service to Tanzania, John feels the call to make a difference back “home.” He came to the US at 16 years old and has pursued his education receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and an MBA. As a member of the diaspora, he knows part of his role is to connect quality and dependable products in the US with needs in Tanzania.


John is in a unique position to help Tanzania’s President who recently said they are following the science and appointing a team of experts to guide Tanzania through the COVID-19 crisis. He toured one of Global PPE Medical Supply's manufacturing facilities in Kansas City, Missouri to gain firsthand knowledge of the quality of the medical devices as well as to forge the start of a long-term relationship he is building with Global PPE Medical Supply and key decision makers in Tanzania.  He is working to supply Tanzania with what is needed for the country to face and defeat the COVID-19 virus.

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