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Eric and Wasim’s relationship began as a class project in 2015.  Eric was completing his MBA and continuing his capstone project.  With an emphasis on the global marketplace, his professor brought in a small company with African expertise, Wazimu, LLC.

Wasim is originally from Kenya and was looking to utilize his decades of experience including an in-depth knowledge of Africa, to work cross-culturally.  Wasim’s mission was to have a positive impact in communities within Africa and around the world. 

Eric and his team researched and assembled a business plan for Wazimu. 


This business plan then evolved into MojaWorld and Moja World Hope.


Wazimu LLC


Partner of Global PPE Medical Supply

Eric Heitmann


Founder of Global PPE Medical Supply

Wasim Khan


CEO of Wazimu 

Over the next few years, they continued their business relationship remaining in contact with one another.  With the success of Moja World, they both realized a future endeavor of continuing good works would be possible.


Neither of them knew the global pandemic would bring them back together.  Eric was charged with opening two separate manufacturing companies as well as opening a new international distribution company.  Wasim was working with governments & health care providers in Africa trying to get PPE items to fight the pandemic.  This mission was paramount to both.  Eric & Wasim found their new meeting point.  


Wasim finally had a supplier he trusted, and Eric found partnership of goodwill, TRUST, and a yearning to help his homeland and the global community. 


Their hope to fulfill this mission is based on their years of experience and commitment to providing the best top-quality products available.


Together they are fulfilling their mission and their commitment.

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